Animating the Carbon Cycle Presentation Videos

Magnus Sylvén – Rewilding: A Smart Climate Solution

Karl Burkart – How Nature Can Stabilize the Climate: Setting a Clear Restoration for Reaching the 1.5 C Goal

Oswald Schmitz – Animating the Carbon Cycle

Steven Lutz – Ocean Rewilding and Animating the Marine Carbon Cycle

Russell Mittermeier – Setting Priorities for Biodiversity and Climate: the Urgent Need for Action in the Richest and Most Endangered Regions

Kris Tompkins – Reintroducing Keystone Species

Henri Brocklebank – Removing Coastal Trawling: Enabling the Comeback of the Kelp Forests Wildlife and Blue Carbon in the English Channel

Melina Sakiyama – Uniting Nature and Climate: a Youth Movement for Equity, Planet, and Future

Announcement – Launching the First Global Initiative for Rewilding and Climate Change