27th March 2023

Rewilding animals is one of our best options to partner with nature to combat climate change – Magnus Sylvén & Oswald Schmitz

Exactly one week ago the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report on the current and future state of the Earth’s climate. The report had a rather dire message: we are unlikely to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement of cutting…

Rewilding Hope

World Rewilding Day|Monday March 20, 2023


Join us as we celebrate the hopeful, growing, global rewilding movement.
Rewilding is Hope. Together, let’s rewild hope.

Bison on the plains


Discover how rewilding brings hope and the promise of a better future.

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We know that environmental news is often negative and scary for all of us: complex challenges that we can feel we have little power to influence. This can lead people to lose hope, despair and look away.

Rewilding is different. Rewilding brings hope

Rewilding holds the promise of bringing back beautiful species, ecosystems and landscapes that have been degraded or even missing, sometimes for hundreds of years.

Not only this, but growing evidence is showing that restored nature has massive benefits for local people, economies and the global climate:

  • Rewilding often offers more jobs than conventional agriculture on low-quality land
  • Rewilding can help prevent flooding, forest fires and drought
  • Rewilding can draw down vast amounts of carbon, helping to address the climate crisis at the same time. No technology exists that can do this as fast or as cheaply.

So on World Rewilding Day, our theme is #RewildingHope

Rewilding is Hope. Together, let’s rewild hope. Join us!

Whales in the ocean breaking the surface

Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved and help make a difference.

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How you can get involved:

  1. Make a 1-minute film on our theme of Rewilding Hope
  2. Help get the message out
  3. Explore our Hopeful Resources (see below)

1. Make a video on #RewildingHope

Post a video about how rewilding brings you hope! See the examples further down the page; you can make a video on your phone, with Canva, landscape or portrait, whatever is easiest!  Send us a link or your video file, and we’ll add it on this site.

We would love to see what you can do and they will contribute to our ‘Hopeful Resources’.

  • Tell us what the theme Rewilding Hope evokes in you.
  • Speak about your favourite place, successes, rewilding people, species reintroductions or the good impacts of the rewilding you are involved in – such as benefits for local people, jobs or helping with things like preventing fire, flood or drought.
  • Keep it simple, speak in your mother tongue and tag us #RewildingHope and @globalrewildingalliance.
  • We offer you some more detailed guidance on how to make your film that you’ll find here.

2. Help get the message out

Let’s make a ‘thunderclap’ for rewilding together on World Rewilding Day!

By working together, using the same hashtag #RewildingHope, and by promoting each other’s stories, we can flood people’s awareness with the good news of rewilding. 20th March is also the International Day of Happiness, so let’s make people happy with good news!

Connect with us on:

Twitter: @GlobalRewilding

Instagram: @GlobalRewildingAlliance

LinkedIn: Global Rewilding Alliance

3. Explore our collection of hopeful resources about rewilding in the next section

restored wetlands

Explore Hope

We offer a growing collection of positive news and hopeful resources.

Get stuck in here! 

This is a growing collection of positive news; of the rewilding successes around the world. Here we share a smattering of the things we have found – please tell us about more that you have found!

    ACC cover

    Our free booklet will make it easy for you to spread the ANIMATING THE CARBON CYCLE message.

    Resource thumbnail

    Our guide to #RewildingHope including books, documentaries, articles and ways of getting involved!

    Resource thumbnail

    The result of combined sun and rain; hope out of a storm. A list of rewilding impacts from across six continents.

    Resource thumbnail

    A selection of quotes about hope from some inspiring people.

    Learn English through Rewilding thumbnail

    Learn English through Rewilding!
    This wonderful resource has been shared with us for English learners everywhere who are also interested in rewilding!
    We think that many English speakers too will learn something useful from this! And it contains hopeful stories…

    More resources will be added in the future. To stay up to date, why not follow us on Twitter?

    Enjoy these messages about rewilding hope from around the world

    Rewilding_Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker of Conserve Global talks about hopeful projects in Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa where they help local people enhance their livelihoods through rewilding.

    FFC children GRA RWday

    Children involved in the Rwenzori Rainmakers share their joyful nature and message of hope as the forest returns, making rain.

    World Rewilding Day was launched in 2021 by the Global Rewilding Alliance. This year, Rewilders from six continents are collaborating to celebrate the successes of rewilding, raise awareness of rewilding and to spread the hope that it brings.


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    Countries involved

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    Rewilding means helping nature heal. Rewilding means giving space back to wildlife and returning wildlife back to the land, as well as to the seas. Rewilding means the mass recovery of ecosystems and the life-supporting functions they provide. Rewilding is about allowing natural processes to shape whole ecosystems so that they work in all their colorful complexity to give life to the land and the seas.

    Photo courtesy of Global Rewilding Alliance partner,
    Cheetah Conservation Fund


    Rewilding means helping nature heal itself. It is about conserving the most intact remaining, natural places on Earth at the same time as recovering the life-supporting functions of nature in connected land- and seascapes. It is about restoring the web of life, from cities to the wildest places on the planet, by taking the long-term view and embracing natural solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges.

    Our alliance thinks creatively and shapes new opportunities for local livelihoods and the wider economy anchored in a more secure future with healthy nature and much higher climate resilience. We learn from ecological and human history to shape a future where nature is supports us and is supported by us. We recognize that human health is inextricably linked to ecological health. We initiate the comeback of numerous species from sea otters to sharks, bison to wolves, salmon to spider monkeys, and by doing so strengthen the web of life and stabilize the climate emergency. We believe in ecological justice and a respectful relationship with nature.

    We create positive change and a future in which both people and nature thrive.


    A world where restored wildlands provide and secure a future for people and the planet.

    Discover how you can help rewild Earth!


    Click here to discover more about the direct impact of nature solutions on solving the climate emergency.


    Join hundreds of practitioners, share resources & spur global support for rewilding.


    The Global Rewilding Alliance consists currently of 106 practitioner and messenger organizations working in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and globally that pursue the same vision and approach: To heal the planet by initiating processes that aim to recover the natural beauty, diversity and resilience of earth and to so secure also that coming generations can enjoy the richness of earth. All organizations have signed on to the Global Rewilding Charta, which outlines the principles behind Rewilding.

    “To restore stability to our planet, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing that we’ve removed.  It’s the only way out of this crisis we’ve created – we must rewild the world.” ~ Sir David Attenborough, “A life on our planet”