The Global Rewilding Alliance is accelerating and mobilizing the power of people working together to rewild the Earth and stabilize the climate, halt mass extinction, and reduce the risks of new pandemics.


A world where restored wild lands and seas provide a secure future for people, nature
and the planet.



We harness the power of people working together to restore and protect nature and stabilize our climate.

We base our work on 12 guiding “Principles for Rewilding” outlined in our Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth – a product of the planning for the 11th World Wilderness Congress —  demonstrating that rewilding is best understood as a social/ecological movement for the benefit of all life on earth.

We learn from each other and connect people working on rewilding in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, North America and globally. With respect and inclusion for age, gender, culture and origin, we work towards agreed targets and aim to assure  that common messages are understood, practical actions undertaken, and results achieved.

The Global Rewilding Alliance protects nature by engaging in the following activities:

  • We support our members in mainstreaming the rewilding idea, theory and practice.
  • We work to ensure the idea and approach is included in global processes, agendas and institutions.
  • We are a powerful platform for member networking and knowledge exchange, helping others increase the area of land and sea that is restored and rewilded.
  • We recognize and works actively to strengthen the importance of Indigenous communities as stewards of their traditional homelands, and as key partners to protect, restore, and rewild our Earth.


Nature is wounded. Rewilding is the most powerful action we can take to help nature heal.

Most of our planet’s lands and seas have been vastly modified by humans, creating a world where climate change creates havoc within nature and human society; generates heat waves on land and in the sea; pushes the earth towards catastrophic ecological tipping points; and drives  the extinction of species and destruction of their critical role in ecology and human health. We need new, bold and positive solutions – we need REWILDING!

We must stay  below a 1.5° C rise in average global temperature. Rewilding provides the most powerful nature-based climate solutions that remove from the atmosphere the surplus carbon generated by humans, and that rebuilds natural resilience against floods, droughts, wildfires and other threats.

Rewilding repairs broken ecological systems and thereby enhances species survival and reduces the threat of the 6th mass extinction. Rewilding even reduces the risks of pandemics.

Rewilding is about reversing the cycle of destruction and creating a virtuous cycle uniting  biodiversity, health by giving nature a helping hand and giving it space to restore and manage itself. Nature is our ally to overcome some of today’s most pressing ecological and socio-economic challenges. It is time to rewild!

Global Rewilding Charter

The “Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth” was developed by experts within the global conservation community preparing for the 11th World Wilderness Congress in Jaipur, India, March 2020.


“Through rewilding – the mass restoration of ecosystems – I see an opportunity to reverse the destruction of the natural world” ~ George Monbiot

Our Team

Magnus Sylvén

GRA Co-Director

Animal ecologist (PhD) by training. Engaged in the conservation of nature since childhood. Worked professionally for the Swedish Government (research), WWF (International & Sweden), Rewilding Europe and the WILD Foundation, and as independent consultant since 2007. Interested in the interface between conservation, climate and what drives change in society. Passionate about wildlife. Family with four daughters, four grandchildren, and from time to time a dog. Born in Sweden and lives in Switzerland since 1991.

Karl Wagner

GRA Co-Director

Karl Wagner is a scientist by training and an environmental campaigner. Formerly, Karl worked for many years both at WWF International on global and EU campaigns and for the Club of Rome. For the last 10 years he has contributed frequently to the global campaigns conducted at the WILD Foundation.

Vance Martin

President – WILD Foundation

Vance joined WILD as president in 1984 after 15 years in international business and non-profit management. An innovative leader known for bridging the interests of people and nature, he has lived extensively overseas, worked in over 55 countries, and helped to establish many non-profit organizations. An acknowledged expert in international nature conservation and wilderness protection, including strong friendships and working partnerships with traditional and indigenous community leaders,  he serves on the boards of numerous organizations such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Friends of Peace Parks, Fulcrum Publishing, Wilderness Foundation (UK), International Conservation Caucus Foundation, and others. He is also a co-founder and President of Wilderness Foundation Global (based in South Africa), and the Founder/Co-chair of the  Wilderness Specialist Group (part of the World Commission on Protected Areas, within the International Union for the Conservation of Nature). He is the prolific author/editor of many publications in numerous countries.  A native of the U.S. Piedmont region, he graduated magna cum laude from West Virginia University. For more information about Vance, please visit his wikipedia page or check out this 2021 interview with our colleagues at great.com.


When we think of tools that can help us overcome the climate and extinction emergencies, too often we think solely of technology. But all the technology in the world will not add up to a healthier, wilder world if we can’t work together to deploy these solutions and empower others to use them.

The Global Rewilding Alliance is bringing people together from around the world to utilize an powerful and proven tool for change: collaboration and coordination. Through our platform, thousands of people are mobilizing to help others rewild Earth and maximize their own effectiveness.

Are you ready to join them?