Stories for Global Rewilding Day 2023

All around the world, people are getting involved in rewilding and it is giving them hope! Here you can see a beautiful variety of rewilders talking about #rewildinghope and what it means to them.

Why not make your own film? Send it to us and we will post it here.

Ruta Monarca Rewilding SPANISH

Aquí Ximena nos inspira con el increíble trabajo que está haciendo Ruta Monarca a lo largo de la ruta de la mariposa Monarca, ayudando a su migración e involucrando a muchas comunidades en el proceso.

Ruta Monarca Rewilding ENG

Here Ximena inspires us with the incredible work Ruta Monarca are doing along the route of the Monarch butterfly, assisting its migration and involving many communities in the process.

Felinos do Aguia

In this beautiful film, Micheli from Felinos do Aguia shares her message of hope from Brasil where they are reintroducing various species of wild cats to areas where they once lived – rewilding hope.

Frans Schepers of Rewilding Europe

Here Frans Schepers of Rewilding Europe speaks to us from one of the largest rewilded areas in Netherlands, a beautiful floodplain where nature is bouncing back, bringing beauty, inspiration and hope to all who live and work nearby – and many visitors, generating jobs and revenue.

Pati Luiz Corzo

In this beautiful film, Pati Luiz Corzo, founder of Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda in Mexico, says “we are raising a wave of love for the planet”, tells us of the hope that this is bringing to thousands of local people, and even sings for us!

Rewilding Ukraine Misha

Here Mykhailo Nesterenko from Rewilding Ukraine gives us all a message of hope – of how rewilding in Ukraine is bringing new jobs and a vision for the country after war where “The locals communities say we shouldn’t stop, we should continue because this gives them the chance to survive”.

FFC- Isaac GRA RWday

Issac Okwir of the Rwenzori Rainmakers encourages us that ‘one tree at a time makes a big difference’ – birds and animals are returning, and this is bringing the community together.

Hugh Webster

Hugh Webster of Scotland the Big Picture gives his lovely message of hope…


This beautiful short from Mexico talks about the return of the Salamander, a shy, harmless reptile that is finding a new home as local people restore local forests.

Rob and Fran from WWF Australia

Rob and Fran from WWF Australia talk about their inspiring project to bring back the Platypus to Australia’s first National Park, in this symbol of hope. This iconic mammal that looks like half Duck and half Otter, the Platypus has only disappeared here in recent years, so it’s great to have it back again

Simone Boecker vid for WRD 2023

Simone Boecker introduces her new book Rewilding – the first book on the subject in German, packed with stories of #RewildingHope.

John Davis, Director of The Rewilding Institute

John Davis, Director of The Rewilding Institute talks about their inspiring vision of hope, bringing back iconic species to the Adirondack mountains, re-connecting wild areas: “We are already halfway to our goal, we have seen many species have already return, and we should see the return of Puma and Wolf during our lifetimes.


Daniel Kinka, Senior Wildlife Restoration Manager at American Prairie, talks about the hope that they are seeing by restoring grasslands and bringing back iconic species such as Bison, Beaver and Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, allowing many other species to recover and also allowing the land to turn once again into a carbon sink.

The Rwenzori Founders video

Emmanuelle, sculpture and a beautiful gecko: “Do something positive – it will have a rippling effect” says Emmanuelle. Community, rewilding, income. That’s hope.

Daren Howarth

CLevel Founder Daren Howarth talks about working with children on a range of rewilding project, how rewilding is aligned with our true nature – and how these bring hope.

FFC GRA-RWday-smaller

Zuleika Kingdon, Films for Change and the Rwenzori Rainmakers talk about their inspiring rewilding project in Uganda, where bird numbers have gone up from 50 to 201 on their rewilded land and local people are benefiting from new jobs and tourism.

”Planting trees is good, of course, but it’s nowhere near enough of what needs to be done, and it cannot replace real mitigation or rewilding nature.” ~ Greta Thunberg, World Economic Forum 2020