The Global Rewilding Alliance is working with a variety of experts to systematically compile, review and share the evidence on the benefits of rewilding.

Dive into the rewilding research and gain invaluable insights from esteemed scientists and researchers worldwide.

Research papers commissioned by the Global Rewilding Alliance:

Animating The Carbon Cycle

This 2022 report introduces the idea that rewilding animal species can play a central role in addressing the climate crisis by enabling whole ecosystems to draw down vast amounts of carbon. It’s an accessibly written, long version of the more scientific papers shared here. Read the report here.

Scientific Paper In Nature Climate Change, March 2023

This seminal paper draws together the evidence from subjects experts on the carbon impact of rewilding nine animal species to near historic levels. It’s already in the top 5% of academic papers on the Altmetric impact tool, showing the level of interest in this new idea. Read the paper here.

Rewilding, A Serious Candidate For Stabilising The Global Climate

An accessible briefing for busy people, summarising the main ideas of the longer papers shown opposite. Read the briefing here.

Nature Climate Change Paper Takes The World By Storm: Impact Report

This 2-page report summarises the impact of this seminal paper, showing how it has been published worldwide in 70+ outlets and translated into many languages. Read the paper here.

Other significant scientific sources on Rewilding:

Science for a wilder Anthropocene: Synthesis and future directions for trophic rewilding research. Jens-Christian Svenning et al., in PNAS. Read the article

Guiding Principles for Rewilding. Steve Carver et al., in Society for Conservation Biology. Read the article

Rewilding: The radical new science of ecological recovery. Book by Paul Jepson & Cain Blythe. Read the book or PDF.

Impacts of large herbivores on terrestrial ecosystems. Robert M. Pringle et al., in Cell Press – Current Biology. Link to the article

The role of large wild animals in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Yadvinder Malhi et al., in Cell Press – Current Biology. Link to the article

Megaherbivores provide biotic resistance against alien plant dominance. Ninad Avinash Mungi et al., in Nature Ecology & Evolution. Link to the article

Substantial light woodland and open vegetation characterized the temperate forest biome before Homo sapiens. Elena A. Pearce et al., in Science Advances. Link to the article