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The Global Rewilding Alliance has been growing a wild community of partners. With more than 150 organisations active in rewilding our Earth, together we are rewilding nearly 2,000,000 square km. That’s the size of the UK, Italy, Switzerland AND South Korea combined!

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Photographs of tigers captured on camera traps in the Sahyadri-Konkan Corridor

Critical wildlife corridors

Partner Organisation: – Wildlife Conservation Trust, India – Asia

Critical wildlife corridors for the ‘Big 4’: tigers, sloth bears, leopard and asiatic wild dogs
As human disturbance and pressure on landscapes increases, wildlife corridors are more crucial than ever before, and the Wildlife Conservation Trust is working on a ‘blueprint’ for effective conservation in this field while directly expanding protected areas in India.

Their study underlines the crucial importance of corridors of habitat that connect different protected areas. This research led to further protection of the Sahyadri-Konkan corridor in India. This stretch of forest connects multiple protected areas and is vital for four large carnivores – tiger, leopard, dhole (Asiatic wild dog), and sloth bear – all of which are keystone species in the local ecosystem.

This research has led to landmark decisions by local government to create further Conservation Reserves, protecting an additional 874 ㎢ of vital tiger habitat in the Sahyadri corridor. WCT in collaboration with local NGOs, have the aim to improve management practices in the corridor to protect, restore and rewild the area, ensuring its functionality over the long-term.

This is vital in the case of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve as there is only a single linear corridor connecting this reserve to Kali Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. Any further break in connectivity will severely affect its populations, with cascading effects on the local ecosystem.

Photographs of tigers captured on camera traps in the Sahyadri-Konkan Corridor. Credit: WCT/Maharashtra Forest Department

Yangtze finless porpoise

Save the Smile of the Yangtze River

Partner Organisation: SEE, China – Asia

The rare finless river porpoise that lives in the Yangtze river in China is known for its friendly smile. But this endearing species is on the brink, with only 1,000 individuals left, but hope is found in SEE’s ‘Save the Smile of the Yangtze River’ project.

The project catalyses positive and collaborative action of social organisations, governments and research institutions to effectively protect this dwindling population. Their vision is to restore the populations of finless porpoises in their freshwater habitat, and crucially, restore a healthy, balanced river ecosystem.

The project already has wonderful synergy: the Ministry of Agriculture has supported 106 former fishermen to become rangers that guard various vital sites along the river. At the start of 2023, training of over 20,000 people has resulted in 522 active patrol teams that are involved in water inspections, public education, and the protection of aquatic species, making them an important supplement to the ten-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River.

leopard cubs

Blue Patagonia Project: protecting intact ecosystems

Partner Organisation: Rewilding Argentina – South America

The Blue Patagonia project extends into one of the richest wildlife areas of the Argentinean sea. Here, Rewilding Argentina is working to expand the protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

Alongside the restoration of these ecosystems, with focus on many endemic and endangered species in particular, Rewilding Argentina is impulsing a new restorative economy through marine tourism and regenerative production.

Through public access portals, with services and proposals from local communities, they are providing a respectful and accessible way to connect with the vast and immeasurable landscape of Argentina. New restorative economies are benefiting local communities, while visitors from around the world experience the beauty of Patagonian marine and coastal biodiversity.

Photo credit: Rewilding Argentina

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