Making Rewilding Mainstream

At the Global Rewilding Alliance, our commitment goes beyond restoring ecosystems; we’re dedicated to mainstreaming rewilding itself in practice, policy and science. Our goal is to bridge the gap between groundbreaking scientific discoveries and real-world impact, shaping policies and best practices that pave the way for a wilder, healthier, and hopeful future.

Recent research into the impact of rewilding is taking the world by storm. Top scientific journal Nature Climate Change published the article on rewilding as a nature-based climate solution, co-authored by 15 scientists, including our co-director Magnus Sylven and Yale School of Environment scientist Oswald Schmitz. Now published in over 76 mainstream media outlets, these features represent the growing global recognition of rewilding. Explore the list of our media coverage below and join us in celebrating the power of rewilding to inspire action.