Introducing PeaceParksTV

May 7, 2021

Reinventing our relationship with nature in time to stabilise the climate emergency and halt mass extinction requires new stories and a new narrative. The Peace Parks Foundation is helping to reinvent our story with nature with the launch of PeaceParksTV.

The Peace Parks Foundation is a core member of the Global Rewilding Alliance. This channel will share conservations most exciting behind-the-scenes stories, happening now, that demonstrate the commitment of individuals around the world to rewilding the African continent. This unique platform (with its own “channel”), is launched in partnership with, the UK team that revolutionized financial information and communications in the past few years. The same material will also be shared across Peace Parks Foundation’s other social media. The objective is to change the way that people – donors, policymakers, and the public – access, understand, and get involved with conservation under the rubric of rewilding.

We are proud to share their achievement with others, and hope that you will enjoy this new and important conservation resource.