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When facing climate change and biodiversity loss, we are too often left with a desperate feeling – “It’s too late, I can’t make a difference.” This feeling sucks, right? We know because we have felt it before too.

That was before rewilding.

Truth is, we all, individually and collectively, have a role to play.

As a citizen of this beautiful planet, you have the power in your hands to inspire, influence, and act. To be a catalyst for transformative change.

Now is the time to imagine a world abundant with life, a flourishing nature. A world where everyone – nature, ecosystems, animals, and each and every one of us can thrive.

How to make a difference


Rewild your feed

Staying in touch with what is happening is the #1 step you can take.

Sharing it with the people around you is the next best thing. We need to talk and bring awareness to the movement so we can give rewilding the central place it deserves.

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Rewild your donations

As a non-profit organisation, we work together

3 ways to donate:

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Rewild your life

The more connected we are to nature, to more apt we are to protect it. Rewilding your home can be as simple as adding native plants in your garden, or stop overmowing your lawn. Explore our resources.

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Rewild in your community

Get in touch with your local rewilding organisations – enquire about volunteering or educational programs. Rewilding is a social movement, the more – the merrier.

To restore stability to our planet, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing that we’ve removed. It’s the only way out of this crisis we’ve created – we must rewild the world.

Sir David Attenborough – “A Life on Our Planet”