Supercharging Ecosystem Carbon Sinks to Meet the 1.5 degree C Target.

The Global Rewilding Alliance (GRA) is facilitating a high-level group of 60 scientists, economists, and civil society organizations  to launch an initiative that, by 2023, will demonstrate the direct impact of nature solutions on solving the climate emergency. Read the full press release here.

“Animate the Carbon Cycle: Supercharging ecosystem carbon sinks to meet the 1.5 degrees C target” is a collaborative research and demonstration project that will confirm the massive positive and highly-undervalued impact that intact and functional nature has on stabilizing the climate, and humanity’s urgent need to protect and restore intact ecosystems. Scientific research shows the essential role that healthy populations of wild animal, plant, and fungal species play in the world’s carbon cycle.


“Animating the Carbon Cycle” is the critical, missing link between biodiversity and climate change. Integrating the concept of “Animating the Carbon Cycle” into nature-based climate solutions will allow nature, climate and people to prosper. Carbon is managed, species are saved, and Indigenous Peoples who steward many of these intact areas will be supported and their cultures strengthened.

Protecting trophic cascades involving wolves, moose, and trees across the North American boreal region can contribute to the process of 150 million tons (0.15 Gt) of carbon taken up annually, the equivalent of 10% of United States’ carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning.

Supporting Articles

Read articles in support of the Animating The Carbon concept from institutions like the Yale School Of The Environment and the International Monetary Fund.


“Through rewilding – the mass restoration of ecosystems – I see an opportunity to reverse the destruction of the natural world” ~ George Monbiot