Photo credit: WWF-Australia & Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Rewilding is a global movement, happening in diverse landscapes in every corner of the world. As we gear up for the 4th World Rewilding Day on March 20, 2024, the Global Rewilding Alliance is excited to reveal this year’s theme:

Hope Into Action

#HopeIntoAction aligns with the core message of the rewilding movement: Rewilding provides practical hope based on real, positive actions happening now.

When the world comes together for rewilding, extraordinary transformations occur.
Mark your calendar! World Rewilding Day #HopeIntoAction is coming up on March 20, 2024.

Rewilding is a dynamic approach to recovering the life-supporting functions of nature on land and at sea.
By reversing the decline in biodiversity and ecosystem functions, rewilding aims to help stabilise the global climate, reduce flood, fire and drought, and address pollution of air and water – as well as bring back beautiful nature!, offering hope and inspiration for a sustainable future.
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What Is World Rewilding Day

Based on an idea by Jan Stannard, Chair of our Alliance Partner Heal Rewilding, the first World Rewilding Day took place on March 20th, 2021.

Now a successful yearly event, World Rewilding Day brings together rewilders and supporters from all around the world sharing awareness of the growing movement, inspiring others to join, and reminding rewilders that they are not alone in their mission.

Rewilding is a practical solution that is actively restoring ecosystems and securing a thriving future for all. World Rewilding Day is an invitation to celebrate the amazing success stories already happening on every continent.

World Rewilding Day’s Previous Themes:

2021: #ReadyToRewild?
2022: #WhyWeRewild
2023: #RewildingHope

On last year’s World Rewilding Day, we planted the seed of #RewildingHope; this year we celebrate the people who are transforming #HopeIntoAction through positive, resolute, pragmatic rewilding successes. Join us on this journey of discovery as we share stories of nature’s resilient comeback, illustrating the far-reaching and often unforeseen benefits that arise when we partner with nature.


Photo credit: Gregoire Dubois

This Year’s Theme: Hope Into Action

From its start, the rewilding movement has been anchored in proactive, positive, and ambitious solutions.

While our planet faces unprecedented challenges and many struggle with eco-anxiety and despair facing the current situation, rewilding is our beacon of hope.

This year’s theme, “Hope into Action,” celebrates the spirit of optimism and proactive engagement that is so particular to the rewilding movement, rallying everyone together in support of rewilding initiatives.

Rewilders are putting hope into action as they address the climate emergency, reversing biodiversity loss and converting widespread eco-anxiety into hope, whether it is through:

  • Bringing more wildlife into cities including inspiring species like Beavers
  • Creating beautiful nature corridors that encourage people to walk and cycle
  • Re-creating natural flood plains to catch water from cloudbursts and prevent flooding
  • Returning lost species to huge landscapes, offering new livelihoods for local people
  • Demonstrating how farmers can diversify their income in the face of climate change
  • Reducing the threat of climate change by enabling landscapes to draw down carbon

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Our Goals for 2024:

Inspiring Hope Through Actions:

Rewilding brings hope because it is anchored in action. Our primary goal is to spotlight the tangible actions within the rewilding movement, the living proof that rewilding is already happening. We aim to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to actively participate in the journey of rewilding.

Sharing Inspiring Narratives:

We are committed to mainstreaming rewilding! Our goal is for everyone, everywhere, to recognize rewilding as a beautiful, inspiring, hopeful, and most importantly proactive proven solution. We aim to identify and share success stories that resonate with people and help create an inspiring vision for a brighter future, addressing not only ecological challenges but also fostering mental and emotional resilience.

Fostering Cohesion and Collaboration:

Building a strong and connected rewilding movement is at the core of our mission. We strive to build a movement that is based on cohesion, collaboration, and understanding among individuals and organizations. World Rewilding Day is a collective call reminding all of us we are all working towards the same goal. By fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose, we believe we can amplify the impact of our collective efforts and accelerate the pace of positive change.

Rewilders- Marcelo-Mascareno-Rewilding-Chile

Photo credit: Marcelo Mascareno, Rewilding Chile

How to Participate in WRD?

We invite rewilding organizations to come together and celebrate the success and lessons of their projects and efforts. Sign up for updates on World Rewilding Day and the Global Rewilding Alliance. A media toolkit and invitation to join a video campaign will be shared.

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Join us on March 20, 2024, to celebrate the impressive rewilding transformation we are already experiencing and to be part of a movement that’s acting towards a thriving future for all. Let’s make World Rewilding Day a celebration of the practical ways in which rewilders around the world are putting hope into action, telling the human stories of rewilding in action as well as all of the benefits this brings for people and wildlife.

The countdown to World Rewilding Day begins! Will you be there?